Lee Crispin


I enjoy the challenge of working with clients from different industries and finding answers to whatever questions they may have. It is important to me that I understand their exact needs, so I make sure that I know what is important to them and exactly how their chosen sector operates, so that I can help them as best as I can.

Connecting with my clients and building relationships means that I can get to know them on a personal level. I pride myself on making myself available and always taking the time to speak to my clients whenever they need me. This means that they know that they can contact me about anything and that I will do everything in my power to help them.

At SB&P, I work with a diverse group of small businesses including sole traders, limited companies and partnerships. I take care of a number of my clients’ VAT needs, such as preparing and submitting returns and assisting with new and complex enquiries. My role also involves organising the preparation of the year-end accounts within the practice and discussing these accounts with clients. I also deliver general business advice on anything from financing to technology. I am here to support my clients’ full range of needs, whenever they require my assistance.

A bit about my background
I began my training with a local independent firm before joining SB&P in 2013 and qualifying as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 2014.

What advice would you give your 10-year-old self?     
Don’t rush through life. Enjoy your teenage years. Cherish those you love.

If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be?    
I would love to spend the evening with Kenny Dalglish, Billy Connolly and Steven Spielberg. It would be the perfect mix of football, comedy and movies.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?    
I would want to be able to travel through time. I would go back to various turning points in history, including the Roman Empire, the sinking of the Titanic, The Blitz, and, most importantly, to the years when Everton was considered to be a ‘big team’!

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