Alan Bruford


I am often the first point of call for my clients when they are making important business decisions. As a result of the relationships I have built over the years, they trust me as a safe pair of hands. Whether it be about growth, raising finance or tax issues, my clients know they can call me about anything.

Whatever stage of growth a business is at, I always provide a personal, responsive service. I have supported a number of my clients on their journey from start-up to multi-million-pound company and I love to see them succeed.

I know that if a client calls me it is important, so I believe that it is essential that they receive the help they need quickly and efficiently, with simple, straightforward advice. By making myself available and letting them know they can always speak to me, I help my clients flourish.

A bit about my background
I have been in the profession for nearly 50 years. I began my career as an Articled Clerk at SB&P. I then joined a sole partner practice, which we grew to a firm with three partners. I qualified whilst with that firm and became a Partner in 1984. In 1996 we decided to merge with SB&P (formerly Satterthwaite Brooks & Pomfret) where I was a Partner for 22 years before becoming a Consultant in 2018.

What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done?
During a trip to South Africa, I had the opportunity to enter an enclosure with two cheetahs. It was quite an experience. I was able to stroke them, but I made sure that they had been fed first!

What is the most exciting thing on your bucket list?
I am hoping to cruise along the Panama Canal and up the West Coast of America to Alaska. The chance of seeing whales in the wild and to discover more about that part of the world would be wonderful.

Who inspires you?
Nelson Mandela. He suffered 27 years of imprisonment to bring an end to apartheid. I was recently lucky enough to visit Capetown, Robben Island and The Eastern Cape, his homeland, which was a very sobering experience. He was a man who stuck to his principles and who was prepared to sacrifice years of his life for what he believed in, which is truly admirable.

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