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Probate Services

16 Apr 2020

It is only in recent years that accountants have had the legal authority to offer probate services and assist with the management of someone’s estate after death. 

Two years ago, our partner firm Gerald Edelman set up a specialist probate department with two partners, Colin Burns and Richard Kleiner, who are licenced with the Chartered Institute in England & Wales (ICAEW) to deal with uncontested Wills.

Probate is a natural extension of an accountant's services. As accountants and professional service providers, we are well placed to translate all the facts as well as your/your family’s wishes into dealing with probate with ease. Through Gerald Edelman we can offer competitive fee quotes for probate services, which will extend to both clients and members of your family who unfortunately and tragically are casualties from the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Simon Hosier, Charities and Trust Manager at Gerald Edelman, explains this service further here.

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