Gerald Edelman

Gerald Edelman (North West) LLP is a Partner in SB&P

At Gerald Edelman, London, we know that the world is changing. Business has moved past the traditional ideas associated with 'accountants'. So... we've stopped describing ourselves in this way. Why? Because we think beyond 'accountancy'. 'Accountancy' does not describe the role we have with our clients today. We help our clients with so much more…

Through Gerald Edelman (North West) LLP, we partnered with SB&P in 2018 as we both share the same mindset, the same values, and the same spirit. This partnership means that we are now able to offer even more expertise and deliver even greater results for all our clients nationwide.

We work to deliver genuinely exceptional relationships, experiences and advice. We think without limits, as we believe that what you can achieve in business is limitless. So, we put our heart and soul into you and your business. We focus on what is important to you and what you need to achieve success. We then work relentlessly to make it happen.

A bit about our background
Having left the RAF in 1946, friends Gerald Edelman and Toby Hoffman founded ‘Gerald Edelman’ and they quickly forged a successful partnership. Tragically, Gerald died whilst on holiday at the tender age of 35. Toby, however, continued to build the practice, retaining the firm’s name to ensure that his friend’s legacy lived on.
Our first office, in London’s West End, had two Partners and fewer than 15 staff. Today we have 16 partners and over 140 staff and we work with a wide range of clients, helping them drive their businesses forward.


Each Partner in SB&P is a Limited Liability Partnership controlled by the above individual members and the Gerald Edelman partnership, respectively.