First Call Business Solutions

Giving you access to accurate and up to date management information to help you make better strategic decisions.

First Call Business Solutions is dedicated to providing cloud based solutions for the clients of SB&P and Gerald Edelman, born out of the partnership of the two firms in 2018.  

Whether directly or through your usual contact within the GE or SB&P team, First Call Business Solutions can support you with bookkeeping, VAT, management accounting, statutory financial statements and tax compliance.

Using the latest technology and cloud accounting platforms, shared access to your financial information means we can provide day to day support to ensure that you have accurate and up to date management information, giving you greater insight into your business’s finances and helping you to make better strategic decisions.

Regardless of size or sector, whether you are starting out in business for the first time or are a successful owner of an established business, let us be your first call for business support.

Contact Chris Wright or your usual relationship partner or manager for further information.

Each Partner in SB&P is a Limited Liability Partnership controlled by the above individual members and the Gerald Edelman partnership, respectively.