Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Whether you are selling or buying a business – or merging with another organisation – comprehensive and specialist financial advice is essential right from the start.

It is not just a question of making sure you have the best financial deal, but a matter of protecting yourself and your company from all the possible problems that can potentially arise.

Our business advisors have a real depth of knowledge from their involvement in deals of all kinds and sizes, and they know what to watch out for – from initial planning to final contract and beyond.

Business acquisitions

There are many questions to be answered when you are acquiring a business – What’s it really worth? How should a deal be structured? What are the risks? Where will the funding come from? Our business advisors can help get the answers and make sure the acquisition is completely tailored to your best interests.

Selling a business

Before your business even goes onto the market, our advisors will help with well-founded advice on all the options available to you. Having the benefit of expert advice and planning from advisors who know the process well is the proper foundation for a sale that goes smoothly and is structured in a way that is also tax-efficient.

Business mergers

Looking after our clients’ interests is the priority when a merger is anticipated. Our approach to the complexities of shareholdings and rewards, funding and responsibilities is entirely shaped by your own needs and priorities.

Raising business finance

Even in difficult economic times, finance is available for a sound deal. Our network of contacts understands that when we approach them with a deal it will be soundly based and deliverable – which is why SB&P can typically help our clients find the funds they need.

Due diligence

An essential part of the sales, acquisition or merger process is to clearly identify the ability of the business to generate cash, make sales and ultimately profit. Our ability to get it right – and being exceptionally thorough – is the result of involvement in the due diligence process with many kinds of businesses over the years.

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