Cloud Accounting Solutions

Cloud Accounting Solutions

What is Cloud Accounting?

Cloud Accounting serves the same function as the traditional accounting software you have installed on your computer. The difference is that we run the software on our servers and you can log into it via the internet.  Your data is securely stored and processed in our own, dedicated ‘cloud’ of servers.

Is it secure?

Our cloud accounting solutions all used industry-standard high-level encryption and are based on our dedicated servers which are only accessible to our clients.

Do you need Cloud Accounting?

Adopting cloud accounting means you will always be using the most up-to-date, secure version of your software.  If you install an accounting program on your computer and do not keep it regularly updated or purchase newer versions, your data could be at risk due to outdated security features.  It can also be very costly, slow and difficult to keep updating software and back-ups.  In the cloud, the software and security is always kept right up to date and we store your backup files.

Traditional accounting software runs on one computer and data is transferred to other machines using USB memory sticks, which is neither secure, nor reliable.   In the cloud multiple key personnel can have their own log-ins and can access the system from anywhere to see customer details or financial information.

Is it easy to use?

Clients we have already introduced to this system have found it easier to learn how to use cloud accounting software than both traditional software, spreadsheets and manual records.   If you need help we can log onto the system and guide you through the process.

There are a lot of cloud accounting products on the market, which should I choose?

We work with a number of cloud accounting systems and can recommend one that best fits your needs.

Does it work on all computers, even Apple Macs?

As it is accessed through an internet browser, our cloud accounting solutions work on all computers, including mobile devices such as iPads, Android tablets and smartphones.

Is it expensive?

Typically cloud accounting services cost around £15 plus VAT per month.

When is a good time to start?

If you are VAT registered it is best to begin using cloud accounting at the start of a VAT quarter, we recommend having it set up and ready to go in time for the start of the said quarter.  If you are not VAT registered there is no need to wait, you can get start right away.

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