Our Customer Charter

SB&P LLP aims to improve access to our products and services and above all  - promote quality.

We have drawn up the following 5 core values in our Customer Charter to demonstrate the standards of service you have a right to expect from SB&P.

  1. We are committed to quality
  2. We aim to provide a great value, custom service
  3. We will respond to enquiries in a timely manner
  4. We will assign you with a named point of contact
  5. We welcome compliments and complaints

Your feedback is important for us. On the rare occasion that we don’t get things quite right we invite you to make contact in the first instance with our Operations Manager, Jenice Thomas.

T: 0151 922 4272 ext 218

F: 0151 922 6780

E: jenice.thomas@sb-p.co.uk

SB&P LLP will acknowledge your complaint in writing and seek to work with you to bring a satisfactory and amicable resolution to your issue.